Harry Styles’ Vogue Magazine Cover Outfit

Harry Styles’ Vogue Magazine Cover was released in November this year, and the internet is still having a field day with it.

There was the usual praise for the bold fashion step for the British star, and in standard internet fashion, hate was similarly available in nearly equal measure. 

Harry Styles Vogue Cover

The reason for so much negative buzz is a tale as old as time, fighting back against fashion that’s considered “not normal” by the mainstream. Remember the women's rights movement in the 1800s and revolutionaries like Elizabeth Smith Miller, Hannah Snell, and Annie Smith Peck? These and many other women were heavily criticized for wearing pants as women, yet today, pants for women are as commonplace as ever!

first women wearing pants

This isn’t even the first instance of a male celebrity dressing up in outfits that represent a sort of fluidity in gender in the spotlight. Many fashion brands have been doing it for years, including Gucci, Jaden Smith, Harris Reed, Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and more!

Nirvana Dresses

As a celebrity, Harry Styles dressing in conventional feminine fashion has been dismissed as a ploy for engagement, to get people talking. However, instead of responding with hate, why not try acceptance instead? What he has done will shape the fashion choices of many other men in the future, inspiring them to be more experimental and free with their choices, which is a great thing!

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