Men’s Jewelry Trends to End the Year

Winter is just around the corner, and the festivities of Christmas are not too far away, so what does this mean for men’s jewelry trends? The simple answer is that it’s all a surprisingly mixed bag! Whether you're looking to glam up for the holidays or look dapper for the winter, this season, some of the best men’s jewelry is coming to you in all shapes and sizes!

Men's beaded bracelets

Men's beaded bracelets are making a comeback.

Gents have taken to sprucing up their look by adding beaded bracelets to their outfits in recent years, and we think it's amazing. It's a culture that we've loved watching take root in the fashion community, and we especially love the confidence with which men, in general, have been wearing them.

Beaded bracelets for men

A pop of color is always a good thing.

This year, bright selections like the Red Coral and Bali Turquoise have become favorites, adding a burst of color to many an outfit. Some of the best men’s jewelry trends have included these wonderful additions because they add a little something special to any average outfit.

Men's beaded bracelets

A little edge never hurt.

Whoever said men’s beaded bracelets couldn’t be manly has clearly never seen Onyx and Lava stone beads incorporated into jewelry in general. Their crisp matte finish cut out the glistening, and their natural dark colors contrast well with light skin tones. Incorporate a little silver skull into it, and you have a bracelet that is as subtle as it is dramatic. Pro tip: only those who look up close can see it!

men simple bracelet

A haven for minimalist preference

A more subtle look is what drives some men’s jewelry trends. It is for them that bracelets now come with only one bead and a cord. The best part is that these cords come in both bright colors like blue, red, and green, and more muted colors that allow the one bead to shine. Bonus points if the one bead is silver, as the glistening is what makes these minimalist bracelets still manage to stand out!

Necklaces also make up the best men's jewelry.

Whether it’s in a casual or a high fashion setting, necklaces also have a place in many men’s jewelry collections. Necklaces have come a long way, as gents have become much more confident in finding fantastic ways to incorporate them into many of their outfits.

men beaded necklace

Men's beaded necklaces, anyone?

That's right; beaded necklaces have been garnering a secretly growing following for men looking to add a little casual finesse to their looks. Our feather beaded onyx necklace has been quite popular for its addition of tribal charm to any look, and its non-feathered counterpart is just as good. For the hunter’s spirited men, a tiger eye claw necklace with a silver chain makes for a rustic yet classy look. However, full silver necklaces are just pure elegance around the neck.

Some of the best men’s jewelry brands are out here for those on the lookout for their next addition, and the greatest thing is that the future for men’s fashion jewelry is still as bright as ever!

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