Benefits of Buying Silver Jewelry

There are so many reasons why your next jewelry purchase should be Sterling Silver. In our article, we discuss the many benefits of buying sterling silver. Including how easy it is to clean, how it compares to gold jewelry and affordability. Read on to discover the incredible benefits of sterling silver to inspire your next purchase.

The Perfect Gift for Sensitive Skin

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Many people have sensitive skin and this is what stops them from buying artificial jewelry as it starts irritating their skin and making them itch. Sterling silver is a hypoallergenic material and also long-lasting as it is made from 92.5% or above pure silver. So, when you will wear sterling silver jewelry, you can stay tension free of any allergic reactions and the jewelry will also last for a long amount of time.


 Long Lasting Jewelry

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Want stunning jewelry pieces that you can wear on a special occasion? Then it would be a smart move to invest in sterling silver jewelry over artificial ones. This is because artificial jewelry starts fading with time and if not taken care of, they start looking ugly. Sterling silver jewelry, on the other hand, is made of 92.5% or above pure silver, staying in its best conditions for years to come. It can last a lifetime and can be worn on birthdays, anniversaries, and special events in your life. To ensure that you are buying authentic sterling silver jewelry, don’t forget to see the 925, S925 or .925 mark mentioned somewhere on the jewelry as this term states its purity.

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Silver is Great Alternative to Gold Jewelry

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It is a well-known fact that gold is an expensive metal, so buying one isn’t feasible for everyone. However, that shouldn’t stop you from adorning yourself in another precious metal that is of great quality and not too high in price. This is why; sterling silver jewelry is highly loved because it makes a fantastic alternative to buying gold jewelry. Those who are looking for a special gift for their special someone and gold isn’t in their budget, then they can go for sterling silver jewelry to mark an occasion with love and purity of a precious metal.


Sterling Silver is Cost Effective


Another great reason why people are in love with sterling silver jewelry is that it is a high-end accessory made from 92.5% or more of pure silver and comes with an affordable price tag. Once purchased, it has the ability to stand out from the crowd without overspending and indulging in it without any guilt. The affordable price tag of sterling silver also makes it a great gift option. A lot of people also prefer buying sterling silver because of its look and the way it shines.


Staying on Trend is Easy

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Silver is soft and can be easily molded into a wide range of designs and stunning pieces, from bracelets, necklaces, ankle bracelets, and much more. With sterling silver, you have numerous choices to choose from, and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. You can build a lovely accessory collection with high-quality jewelry and stay up to date with the newest trends. What’s more amazing is that you can also pass this collection on to your children and grandchildren.

Silver jewelry designs will never get out of fashion because of the lively and natural look this precious material reflects. 


It’s Easy to Clean and Care For

Cleaning silver Jewelry

If you ever think that your sterling silver jewelry is looking dull or dirty, there are some super simple ways of cleaning it, without harming the material or design. You can simply rinse it in warm water with any mild soap for a soft clean. While you are it, avoid scrubbing it harshly as it can leave scratch marks behind.

Use Roano cleaning cloth that is soft and won't damage your silver jewelry.

We highly recommend this product for cleaning silver jewelry : Goddard's Long term Silver Polish

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When you are storing it, opt for an airtight jewelry box or bag, keeping it away from household chemicals and perfumes. You can clean it with the above-mentioned tips and avoid the cost & the trouble of taking it to a professional for cleaning.

 Now you know the amazing benefits of sterling silver jewelry - what accessory will you be investing in next? Visit our online store to browse high quality Sterling Silver jewelry

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