David Beckham is one of the most consistently best-dressed celebrities today. The pro-athlete has always had an eye for fashion and paying attention to details. The english pro-athlete often wears an outfit worthy of the front row, loads of strong coats, fitted jeans, even luxurious beaded bracelet & bags.

David Beckham BraceletDavid Beckham Bracelet


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballer in the world, with  a lot of fans following his journey in the field, there are more who are loving his fashion sense.

He is a man who is not afraid of playing and experimenting his style and adding luxury and expensive jewelry to his outfits that’s what most people love about him.

Cristiano Ronaldo bracelet Cristiano Ronaldo Bracelet


Zayn Malik always managed to stand out as singer, fashion & style. The key to Malik's style success? A sharp eye for emerging trends and a knowledge of what works for his body shape. He's not afraid to risk trying out new trendy jewelry; bracelets, silver rings & more...zayn malik braceletZayn Malik Bracelet



Justin Bieber has a reputation for a style that pushes boundaries. Whether he’s onstage or offstage, he knows how to grab the world’s attention. From wearing fur coats to street simple style, Justin Bieber always makes sure to add jewelry details; bracelets, necklaces & rings... to add more sophistication to his style.
justin bieber braceletJustin Bieber Bracelet



Liam Hemsworth