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What is a Formal?

The fanciest of all dress codes, the formal attire is the most luxurious you could ever wear. This is where less means more. Formal is simple yet elegant. The less of a color combination, fabric material and accessories, the more formal an attire gets. So always stick to the basics and if ever you need to experiment, seek a fashion expert’s help.

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When to wear a formal attire?

Formal attire is something that you would wear to a wedding, a grand ball, a formal dinner, a gala, or any black or white tie event. Most prominent, huge and red carpet events strictly require a formal dress code. And while we don’t always have a lot of events like these to go to in a year, (unless you’re someone famous) it is still best to have a piece of formal clothing in our wardrobe just in case.

What to wear on a formal attire?

A tuxedo with all the extravagances, it is the most refined version of you. While the formal look mainly calls for a tuxedo, it cant be just any tuxedo. It has to be tailored fit, appropriate for the occasion, with just the right amount of flair. Experimentation in this level is not advisable, because this dress code is very strict. In most cases you wont be allowed to enter a black tie event if you’re wearing anything other than a tuxedo and of course, a black bow tie.

Formal attire fabrics and color palettes

The fabric material is what differentiates a tuxedo from a regular suit. A suit has the same fabric for both the jacket and the trousers. A full tuxedo uses wool in a barathea weave; barathea achieves the blackest black a tuxedo can get. It has added touches of shine as satin is incorporated on its buttons, pocket trim, lapels and satin side stripe down the pant leg. A tuxedo is always black, the only variation is midnight blue. The absence of color makes other factors that make up a tuxedo shine – like lapel designs, weaves and fabric, and trimmings. Midnight blue is unnoticeably black until you put it beside an actual black tuxedo. Midnight blue is widely used because it bounces off light beautifully and looks blacker than the black tuxedo. There are exceptions to the color and fabric, of course. If it's your wedding or your themed event, by all means, go and rock that tangerine velvet tuxedo.

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Formal attire Dos and Don’ts
  • Do wear a tuxedo, it’s the only appropriate clothing for a formal event.
  • Do wear a black bow tie, unless the dress code on the invitation says Black Tie Optional.
  • Do rock a neatly groomed hair, with not a strand falling on your face.
  • Don’t wear a suit.
  • Don’t wear too much accessories.
  • Don’t experiment, stick to rules especially if its your first black tie event, you don’t want to risk not being accepted at the entrance.

Wether its casual, smart casual, business casual or formal, always make sure that your clothing fits you perfectly, not too tight and not too loose. You don’t want to splurge on the best tuxedo only to look like you were wearing your grandfather’s (because its too loose) or your younger brother’s (because its too tight) at the event. Most of all, the best tip on donning any attire is to always wear them with confidence. Stand tall and chin up, stand and stride with pride. Although these styles are supposed to give you a confidence boost, only your attitude and character will make you stand out from the crowd.

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