Bracelets Inspired by your favorites Celebrities

Just like any jewelry, bracelets are now part of a modish man’s gear. Over the previous years, bracelets have taken off as a chief trend for men. The world’s style icons and movie stars have swapped the wrist game from classy watches to trendy bracelets.

But how do you actually wear them if you’re a man? The trick here is to not look like you’re wearing your wife’s or girlfriend’s accessories. You’d want masculine pieces, with designs stylish yet subtle. Colors that will not overpower but compliment your outfit and your overall look.

From exquisite beads to chunky leather and sterling silver, we have a wide variety of bracelets to fit every man’s aesthetic. Crafted using only high-quality and luxurious materials, our pieces are unique and handmade by talented designers.

Here are seven of the most highly coveted men in the world, each a leader in his field and time. Seven unique characters, personalities, attitudes in life, and success stories that inspired our powerful collection of bracelets. 

Christiano Ronaldo Bracelet

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Cristiano Ronaldo

“We don’t want to tell our dreams. We want to show them” – Cristiano Ronaldo has always believed in training hard to become a dominant of your passion. Success doesn’t come by dreaming but through working.

Thanks to his fashion style, Portuguese soccer king Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t only known for his outrageous kicks, but also for his fashion-forward style that’s always a head-turner.

Amongst Cristiano’s strongest suits, is donning the blue color, which is not an easy hue to pull off, especially for men. You’ll see him rocking a blue denim shirt, a blue tailored suit, and a blue phyton skin jacket effortlessly.

Our sophisticated blue leather silver cuff bracelet exemplifies Ronaldo’s maximalist style.  It features a high-quality blue Italian leather cord and 925 Sterling Silver, a truly handcrafted masterpiece.

Get everyone’s attention and be a head-turner like Cristiano in your formal and even casual outfits with this luxurious piece for the modern gentleman.

Elon Musk Bracelet

Shop Elon Musk bracelet ($103)

Elon Musk

“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough” – Elon Musk has persisted to be positive because welcomes hazards, even fiascos as ingredients to a great


As the second richest person in the world, American business magnate Elon Musk’s style has evolved thru the years. Gone are the days where you’ll see him on his boring purple button-up and plaids that he so loves to wear. Now he rocks stellar suits and jackets, looking dapper in formal and casual outfits.

Black and gray has been his uniform color in his recent style upgrade. He wore a gray tailored suit on his Flamethrower launch and a spectacular badass all-black ensemble when he hosted SNL.

Just like Musk’s outstanding style upgrade, our elegant black onyx bracelet will definitely take any outfit up a notch on the fashion scale. Wear it alone or in a stackable format to easily make a bold statement.

Handcrafted and one of a kind, this men’s bracelet will channel your inner billionaire.

Harry Styles Bracelet

Shop Harry Styles bracelet ($60)

Harry Styles

“The moment you feel more comfortable with yourself, it all becomes easier”- Harry Styles says if he’s told that a certain shirt is for ladies’, doesn’t make him want to wear it less.

Gracefully funky in his retro pieces, wickedly charming with his experimental looks, blurring the lines between men’s and women’s clothing, Harry Styles is truly the revolutionary fashion risk-taker.

Veering away from his One Direction boy-band looks, Styles has been labeled the “new age traveler” as many people have come to love his free-spirited vibe.

Our big classic matte sodalite bracelet gives out the same free-spirit vibe with its chunky natural sodalite stones connected by a 925 Silver Roano Signature bead.  Simple yet elegant, this bracelet is something you can wear as a statement piece to accentuate a look, or as a part of stackable for a more relaxed look.

Jason Momoa

Shop Jason Momoa bracelet ($82) 

Jason Momoa

“My upbringing was 100 percent in two different worlds” – as a Hawaiian who grew up in the Iowa, Jason Momoa talks about how he personally identifies with his half-breed mortal character to rule the kingdom of Atlantis.

From Baywatch to Aquaman, Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa is not a style icon. His style is not on-trend nor timeless, yet his boldness and confidence can practically pull off anything and everything.

Famous for his warlord, warrior, or god roles in most blockbusters, a lot of people don’t know is that Momoa is also purely an art-driven person. He’s drawn to anything naturally artisanal and offbeat.

Nothing says offbeat than our Ghana bracelet. Its authentic African Trade Heishi beads will add an artisanal touch to any look. Rock your god-like confidence with this timeless piece with a raw and modern twist.

Joe Manganiello Bracelet

Shop Joe Manganiello bracelet ($123) 

Joe Manganiello

“Hard physical labor is the best work you can do for your soul, even if it’s gardening”- in his 40’s, Joe Manganiello still does training 6 times a week, even though his muscles get sore more and he had to do warm-ups and cool-downs longer.

Magic Mike and True Blood star Joe Manganiello, despite appearing on tons of magazine covers, has a pretty simple, laid back, and street style personal fashion sense. He candidly mentions in an interview that his personal style can be described as designer lumberjack.

Fond of expensive and fancy suits on the red carpet, Manganiello said that being an actor, he always has to look and play the part.

Our Shamballa bracelet will definitely get you to look the part if you’re sporting a simple and laidback ensemble. Crafted with three, 10mm 18kt Rhodium Gold Plated CZ Diamond balls, you wouldn’t need Magic Mike’s six-pack abs to get everyone’s attention.

Prince Harry Bracelet

Shop Prince Harry bracelet ($109)

Prince Harry

“As the Royal Marine Commandos say – It’s a state of mind, we all have it in us” – Prince Harry believes that concentrating and prioritizing mental health can reveal probable chances we never identified we had in us.

Duke of Sussex and the younger prince, Prince Harry dons the ‘cool prince’ style as he effortlessly combines royalty and fashion in his day-to-day life. Always going for the lighter shade, casual look, his style has evolved through the years.

Prince Harry is oftentimes seen wearing a bracelet or two. His fondness for them started early in his younger years. He has toned it down eventually but has not lost his liking to bracelets entirely.

Simple, elegant, and luxurious, our Continuity Silver Cuff bracelet, exudes that true prince vibes. It’s handmade by the best in Dubai and is malleable enough to sit well on your wrist.

Timothee Chalamet

Shop Timothee bracelet ($82) 

Timothѐe Chalamet

“No hard drugs – and no superhero movies” -  Timothѐe Chalamet says that’s the decent first advice that he received early in his career, not to pigeonhole himself.

Call Me By Your Name star and Oscar nominee Timothѐe Chalamet is 2020’s Best Dressed Man. Big stomper boots, bright and block colors, Chalamet’s style has redefined dressing up for the modern generation.

One thing that makes Chalamet stand out above the rest, is that he doesn’t have a stylist. All of his looks are authentic and developed by him alone, plying the boundaries between masculinity and femininity.

Just like Chalamet, our beaded Buddha bracelet lets you experiment and find your true style. Bring wisdom, wealth, and good luck as you do so, with this handmade jewelry of gorgeous sterling silver bracelet.

  Men’s bracelets are not created equal, and so does every man. Big bold beads might work for one guy, simple leather for another, and one might look good wearing a stack of both. Your attires change from day to day, so choose bracelets that exude who you are. Bracelets should let you effortlessly show your personality.

Like a delicate necklace or a sophisticated ring, the role of a perfectly chosen bracelet is like any piece of jewelry. It is not supposed to be the center of attraction,  but to be perceived as an accent, a definitely a diverse part of your look. It is to showcase your style, and story, without mentioning a word.

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