How to Wear Men's Rings With Style


Want to know the greatest style secret known to man?

No matter what piece of men’s jewelry you wear, wear it with confidence.

Wearing a ring for the first time will feel a little odd. You’ll feel its weight and that can be uncomfortable for someone just toe-dipping in the jewelry pool.

Opt for a lightweight ring to begin with. Try a band around 8mm (5/16”) and see how it feels.

At the end of the day, confidence is what makes your ring look its best. If you’re worried that you’ll walk around with your hands in your pockets all day… maybe a ring isn’t for you.


Comfort and confidence go hand in hand. It’s tough feeling confident if your wrists hurt from overcrowded finger bling.

  • Which hand do you work with?
  • Do you shake hands a lot?
  • Do you have to type all day?
  • Does your work or school require you to look a certain way

Answering these questions will help you decide how many rings you need and how large they should be. You can always save the dramatic stuff for a night out and stick to simple, smaller pieces during the day.

3. Ring and Finger Symbolism

Mens Rings

Do you know the significance of your finger rings?
Historically, rings have symbolized family, love, fidelity, devotion, eternity, and even spirituality. Let’s take a look at what your rings symbolize.

Wearing a ring is not just about style, it also symbolizes different things, depending on where you put it.

Tiger Eye Signet Ringsignet ring tiger eye

The Pinky Finger

Pinky rings are often man’s first choice for a “statement” ring. The pinky ring has few advantages, such as they do not associate with religion or culture (unlike the ring finger). Although, often, family heirlooms are sometimes worn on the pinky finger. Another is that pinky rings do not touch or interfere with the index or the pointing finger.

Pinky rings are seen as among the flashiest of all the designs. In Great Britain and other Western countries, men often wear signet rings at the left pinky finger. This ring symbolism practice goes back hundreds of years, and many families pass it down through generations.

If you want to attract attention, that’s where you wear them. However, if you don’t want that much attention, wear a slim ring with a low key tone.

`pinky finger men 

The Ring Finger

The left ring finger symbolizes marriage and engagement for men. In North and South America, men usually put the left ring finger for marriage and the right ring finger for engagement.

Before medical science evolved, people thought there is a direct vein from the ring finger to the heart. It was called the vena amoris, or the “vein of love.” Since then, it became natural for the ring finger to wear a wedding ring on. Wedding rings worn on the ring finger were not common way back in the 20th century.

Early in the 20th century, western men going to war often wear a ring to remind them about their loved ones left at home. Since then, wedding rings have become popular, and it has even become affordable.

Silver Ring For MenOxidized silverring

The Middle Finger

Very few men choose to wear the ring on the middle finger. It is because of the well-known gesture that is associated with it. Also, notice that if you put a ring on your middle finger, it gets in the way of things, and it gives a weird and uncomfortable feeling.

A ring worn at the center of the hand symbolizes balance and responsibility.  Also, a ring worn on a middle finger is a bold decision that catches attention, and it can be a fashion and conversation starter.

Black Men RingBlack silver ring

The Index Finger

Men wear a family crest or signet rings on one of their index fingers a hundred years ago to symbolize their wealth and social rankings. It is considered the most dominant finger. It is often viewed as a symbol of authority and leadership. People below a certain rank were not allowed to wear a ring on their index fingers in some European cities, as they were likely to represent family status. Nowadays, men tend to wear class rings and fraternal rings on either of their index fingers.

For most men, the index finger is the biggest, so it means you need to wear a bigger ring to make it look proportional.

The Thumb

The thumb is the key to any grip position, so having a ring limits your movement, and it might feel odd.  Wearing a ring on the thumb indicates wealth and influence. It is considered the boldest choice for some men to make for a ring because the thumb is quite thick, and you need something essential that still allows you to move your hand freely. For that reason, it is most typically worn in a fashion setting. 

If a man is given a ring as a gift, it represents engagement or marriage. Otherwise, they tend to wear it on either thumb. Another symbolization is friendship, as in “thumbs up.”

Men Silver Rings Jewelry

The choice is yours. Today, choosing a finger for your ring is generally a matter of personal inclination. However, it is significant that you understand what your ring placement talks about you and to other people. In that way, you can make your bold preference about which finger you wear and flash your ring. Choosing the right ring for a specific finger can convey a lot of meaning and style.

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