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What is Smart Casual?

Comfort meets confidence, the smart casual is the most sought after trend nowadays. It blurs the line between casual and business casual, making for a polished, put together look that’s at the same time comfy and with a little bit of personality. While the most open for interpretation, the smart casual look is also the most misunderstood. You need to know that smart casual basics is not pieces of clothing but mainly factors like occasion you are wearing it to, the location of the occasion, and the weather in that location. Your personal judgement and good taste in fashion are the basics of a smart casual wear.

smart casual style

When to wear smart casual?

Smart Casual is the stylish office attire. Unlike formal that is too strict, business casual that is too formal or casual that’s too common, smart casual can pass as an everyday look that you can take from a full work day at the office to a party with your friends without looking over or under dressed. You’d be looking dapper sporting smart casual on a romantic dinner too!

What to wear on a smart casual attire?

A smart casual look for an al fresco lunch meeting in Asia during summer will be different from the smart casual look for a cocktail party on a winter night in Canada. You can start with a well fitting, tucked, button down shirt, a pair of khakis, throw in a dinner jacket or blazer, and a pair of leather boots.

Smart Casual Fabrics and Color Palette

Wool and cotton are the best fabrics for the smart casual blazers. You can never go wrong with a classic Oxford cotton shirt, it is one smart casual staple. Suede shoes go well with almost any smart casual outfit. Stick to earth tones for your overall look – brown, beige and  white are the safest choices.

Smart Casual Do’s and Don'ts
  • Do invest on a good tailored fit blazer, it tones up any basic look.
  • Do stay on the earth tones for color, if you are going to add in a different shade, maintain your look to a minimum of 3 colors.
  • Do play with different fabrics, they create depth and are easier to put together than shades and colors.
  • Do keep two to three buttons undone from the collar
  • Don’t over accessorized, a chunkful of accessories will make less smart and more casual.
  • Don’t wear your funky sports shoes even how expensive they are. There are what’s called Minimalist Sneakers with leather or suede material and toned down colors designs that are more acceptable.

Ready to discover our top picks for smart casual outfits with luxury brands?

Let's dive in! 

smart casual style

Steal that smart look! 

Armani black shirt


Hugo Boss Trouser


Magnanni brown shoes
Bronzite Bracelet
1- ARMANI Slim fit short-sleeved shirt ( $172)
2- HUGO BOSS Slim-Fit Trouser ($198)
3- MAGNANNI shoes ($435)
4- ROANO Bronzite bracelet ($79)

 smart casual style

 Get this look by adding to your closet:

Theory Beige Blazer

Balmain white shirt

    Canali navy pants

Magnanni shoes 

Tiger Eye Bracelet 

1- THEROY Beige Blazer  ($357)
2- BALMAIN White Shirt ($595)
3- CANALI Navy Pants ($718)
4- BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Brown Leather Belt ($747)
5- MAGNANNI shoes ($435)
6- ROANO Tiger Eye Bracelet ($103)

smart casual


Hugo Boss Blue Jacket

   Hugo Boss Slim fit shirt

                 Hugo boss white pants

Sodalite bracelet 

1- HUGO BOSS Jacket ($540)
3- HUGO BOSS Pants ($198)
4- ROANO Sodalite Bracelet ($60)

smart casualsilver bracelet

business outfitbuy tiger eye bracelet online

smart casualbuy tiger eye bracelet

smart casualshop bracelet online

smart casual outfitshop silver bracelet

Wether its casual, smart casual, business casual or formal, always make sure that your clothing fits you perfectly, not too tight and not too loose. You don’t want to splurge on the best tuxedo only to look like you were wearing your grandfather’s (because its too loose) or your younger brother’s (because its too tight) at the event. Most of all, the best tip on donning any attire is to always wear them with confidence. Stand tall and chin up, stand and stride with pride. Although these styles are supposed to give you a confidence boost, only your attitude and character will make you stand out from the crowd.

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