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Roano Collection is a fashion jewelry company aiming to provide men and women with timeless and modern jewelry pieces.

Founded by a team of experienced designers, the brand was built upon the belief that jewelry pieces are not just accessories. They are treasured reminders of a particular person or an unforgettable moment, and as such, they should be the outcome of unprecedented craftsmanship and unique materials.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Quality Is Always A Priority.

Each item bringing the Roano signature is crafted with sterling silver and other premium-quality metals and adorned with elegant Italian leathers, sophisticated semi-precious stones from Africa, India, and Brazil, and more textural elements across the world.

Whether it is a ring or a bracelet, every Romano jewel displays the designers’ artistry and personal crafting approach while reflecting the brand’s vision: to create emblematic collections for men and women looking for stylish options that will not fade over time.

Founded by a group of designers in 2016, Roano Jewelry brings you the most exquisite materials from their homeplace: special stones from Thailand, Bali, India, Africa and more, combined with sterling silver jewelry crafted by Italian artisans. 

All jewelry is handcrafted and assembled in our studio. 

In a fast-paced world with rapidly changing trends, you can always count on quality and exquisite craftsmanship, that will never go out of style. Fashion-forward and timeless jewelry designs can match with the most elegant suits and at the same time offer a casual look. The designs are born in a city where you dress to impress. This is reflected in every small detail of our collections that bring a unique style that can be achieved only by talented designers and their unique handmade jewelry. 

Roano brought together some of the most creative designers from around the globe to accessorize the world and present the mysteries of the orient in a fashionable way.

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