Evil Eye Jewelry

"Before success comes to the stage, protection and security come first"


The symbol and superstition of the evil eye are one of the strongest symbolic images in the world. However, despite the evil eye differences in various cultures, the evil eye keeps roughly the same meaning no matter where the story is told. Evil eyes are thought to be expressions of harm, pain, or some form of misfortune to those who are. This is a seemingly clear indication that people are interested in doing something bad for an object that is focused, whether it is out of embarrassment or purely malicious. 

 The earliest known evidence suggests that the belief in the evil eye dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. It is believed that the evil eye is the greatest threat to any person who is overly praised or subjected to more than they deserve. It is believed that the gods and goddesses are punishing those who are proud of their achievements and destroy them with an evil eye, restoring them to the level of mortals.

There is a belief in the evil eye on every continent. The Middle East, Asia, Europe and Central America all fear this evil eye.

In Book 26 of the Shahi Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad warned of the danger of the evil eye and said that in order to offset the influence of evil forces, a bath must be taken.

 Just like classical Greece and ancient Rome, Islamic culture believes that excessive praise will bring about the evil influence of evil eyes. Therefore, rather than praising a lovely child, it should be said that "God has been willing to" the child's good fortune, or risk danger to young people.

 Evil eyes are well-known in most languages: in English, evil eye, evil appearances - Mauvais Oeil in France - Böse Blick in Germany - in Arabic, ayin hasad - in Armenian pasternak - Yiddish aynore or from Hebrew ayin hara - Hungarian szemmelverés (eye beating) - Polish oko proroka (prophetic eyes) - Swedish ondaögat - Sicilian jettatura (foundry). Brazilian Portuguese have olho gordo (fat eyes) or quebranto (smasher) - mal de ojo in Spanish (curse of the eyes or ojo turco - ojito turco) - in Irish droch-shuil - greek matiasma or mati sb someone It is a man who has an evil eye in his curse.


 The evil eye symbol mainly promises to keep you safe and sound, which is the most important thing when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. There is no such thing more mystical than evil eye protection, as its rich “experience” in keeping people across the world feel secure is the most promising fact.

 The blue evil eye has experienced extensive circulation in the region and is used by Phoenicians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans and perhaps the most famous Ottoman Empire. Although their use is most concentrated in the Mediterranean and Levant, through the expansion of trade and empire, Blue Eyes began to move to all corners of the globe.

 The evil eye symbol is almost always implemented as an evil eye charm, as its symbolism has always been materialized in various charms that are worn around the wrist or on the neck (when it comes to jewelry). The essence of all things that matter in life is captured in the evil eye meaning. Before success comes to the stage, protection and security come first. The true color of life is realized only when our mind and soul become fearless, and that happens only if we are properly secured.

 The right way to access the powers and possibilities of the Evil Eye is to firmly believe in its strength and let its protection guide you on your life journey. Create genuine art by combining your Evil Eye with a crystal such as Hematite, Tiger Eye, Citrine, lava stones etc... no curse, negative thought or bad intention will hinder you from achieving your goals and attaining certain values.

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